Emma & Dylan

Emma & Dylan

Nearly 10 years ago, I was living in London, flat sharing with a kiwi guy. One morning, whilst getting ready for work, I came downstairs to find 3 other kiwis in my living room. That was when I first met Dylan. Becoming friends quickly, after 4 weeks of his OE he causally said, if you’re ever in New Zealand I’ll pay the favour back and you can crash at mine. 

Flash forward 18 months and I decide to travel the world, starting in Fiji followed by a year in New Zealand. Dylan did keep to his word and I became a flatmate. We became such good mates that we were soon an item about 3 months later. 

When Dylan asked me to marry him in 2019, I was over the moon; he is the most loyal, humble and genuine man I’ve met that I got planning straight away. However, life had different plans for us. 6 weeks our engagement we found out we were pregnant and due around Christmas, so decided to plan our wedding for October 2020, not realising that too would change. Covid got in the way of our special day. 

Flash forward 3 years, and another two kids later, we were really ready to elope. That’s when I suggested to my parents we used our holiday to the Australia as an excuse to elope. And once we decided, we planned the wedding within 10 days. 

Amongst that craziness of planning a last minute wedding, Bridal Brilliance were amazing. I never imagined wearing a wedding dress, but when I arrived at the store, I caught sight of this beautiful dress and I knew I had to try it on. It fit me like a glove and I couldn’t walk away without it.

We flew to Sydney in early January. Landing on the Saturday we went hunting for our wedding location, and found the most perfect cliff top. The wedding was just amazing and meant to be just as it was.

Photographer : Amelia Grose 

Photographer editor : Elizabeth Grace Photo 

Flowers : Jessica Pearson 

Location Pear Beach, NSW 



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