Hannah & James

Hannah & James

Introducing our beautiful bride Hannah and new husband James's love story xo.....

James and I have known each other from about 5 years old. We were in the same class in primary, then I moved schools and we met again when we were 14 at youth group. We both stopped going eventually, and would see each other out at parties and what not.

When I was 20 I got a job working as a parts consultant at a car dealership. James is a mechanic, so would come in quite often for car parts and we would have yarns. I had a long term boyfriend at this time so never thought of James in a romantic way, however he had basically been like “hey your cool” which turned to “Im gonna marry this girl one day” even though I had a boy friend and didn’t look twice at him. 

Eventually I broke up with my boy friend, and around that time James managed to land a job at my work. We were really friendly before that, but working together turned us into besties, and I was convinced Id found my soulmate but in a friend way. He always wanted more which I could see, but I was hurting from my ex and wasn’t ready to date him. We had a “will we won’t we” end up together friendship for about 2 years, then finally decided to give it a go for real. Since that day we’ve been inseparable and tied the knot 3 days after our 4 year anniversary.

Funny how things work out sometimes! What a great story and thank you for sharing.

Hannah wears our Stella York 6988 gown and the Stella York flower veil AVL0027CR.





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