Leana & Alex

Leana & Alex

We both reside in Rotorua with our two beautiful babies Khaleesiah & Lykos. 

Alex and I first meet through my best friend. She thought she'd play match maker so she exchanged our numbers. 

Alex was getting ready to head back to his home country, New Caledonian. We talked over txt for a good couple of weeks and despite being from different countries speaking different languages we had so many things in common, it felt like we'd known each other for years. 

He wanted to meet before leaving but I always made excuses so my best friend decided to then invite us both to the same concert without telling me and I'm so glad she did! A week after that he decided to stay in New Zealand. We had our first date at the movies where he then asked me to be his girlfriend (very cliche lol)

4 years after that he proposed in the same cinemas and another 4 years after we celebrated our 8th year anniversary by getting married on top of a Mountain in Wanaka! No people and no drama just my best mate and I. 

Thank you Bridal Brilliance for accommodating me with the most beautiful wedding dress and veil and thank you so much to Charmaine January Haute Courtre for altering my dress in such a short of period! What a superwoman! 

Leana wears our MIA long Sleeve gown.

Location: Wanaka, NZ

Mountain: Mt Roy, Coromandel peak

Wedding Planner: Mountain Weddings

Photographer: Williams Photography




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