Perry & Jordan

Perry & Jordan

Welcome to our love story

Our wedding was held at the beautiful Island of Samoa. 

Jordan and I met through social medias. It was a difficult journey living in more than a thousands of miles away from each other. Little did we know we were destined to tie the knot and sealed for eternity. As we continue to live through each day, we could not wait any longer but to have ourselves become eternal companions for the rest of our lives.

As we began our wedding planning journey, I did not look any further other than to have Bridal Brilliance prepare the most beautiful wedding dress of my dreams. I was always inspired by the beauty of their dresses and I’ve always hope that when the day comes and I’m ready to marry the love of my life, I will have none else than Bridal Brilliance to provide the wedding dress of my dreams. The love I felt when I was welcomed by the amazing team at Bridal Brilliance gave me so much joy and confidence that I will look stunning and stand out on my special day. My dream was fulfilled and I had the best and the most memorable wedding ever. 

Special thank you the amazing and beautiful ladies at Bridal Brilliance for giving me the confident and courage to be the bride of my dreams on the day I married my forever love.



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