Vicky & Richard

Vicky & Richard

My husband and I met in 2014, he had previously noticed me at a friend's workshop we used to socialise at on Fridays, but was too shy to make the first move, FFwd a couple of months, we were finally introduced at a Harley Davidson show through my brothers, there was lots of banter and an instant connection, I remember thinking, this is a man I could marry.  A week later, we went on our first date then about a month after "dating" our relationship was made official on a 40ft launch out at Waiheke Island, Labor weekend 2014.  


In 2019 we found out we would we welcoming a new addition to our lives.  On the day of the reveal surrounded by all of my immediate family, Richard got down on 1 knee and asked for my hand in marriage, of course I said yes!


I started to plan the wedding straight away, at first we had decided on a Feb wedding, but quickly changed it to a October wedding, 2022 seemed like a good fit as our daughter would be old enough to be included.  (little did we know by this time we would also have a son) 


Dress: Stella York 6988 - This dress was amazing!  So light and comfortable.  I really did feel like a princess!


Venue: Connemara Country Lodge


Make up: Tracy Lee Make up artist


Photography: Jessica Halliday


It was only fitting that we had a Harley Davidson escort me to the venue, so my brother rode in front of the cars, the convoy was loud and everyone could hear us coming.

Our day was beyond perfect, relaxed, fun, party vibe was the goal and we hit the nail on the head!  If we were to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing.  







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